July 9, 2017

Other services

Research and evaluation

Our team which consist of highly skilled Doctors and Professors in their fields conduct researches and evaluation as per client requirements

Business strategy, diagnosis and turnaround

Through our experts we assist businesses that are:

– under business rescue
– making losses
– experiencing slow growth,
– and stagnant to gain traction and change their trajectory.

Policy development and mapping

Our team of experts assist various organisations, including government departments,government agencies, non-profit organisation and private companies develop policies

Corporate governance and risk management

Through our wealth of corporate governance knowledge, best practices and risk management knowledge we assist our client mitigate risks and safeguard the integrity and sustainability of their businesses.

Our team in this regard is headed by a chartered accountant with a wealth of international knowledge having worked in different countries in the corporate governance and risk management area. He is assisted by various corporate governance specialists as well as risk management experts.