July 9, 2017

Assurance services

All our audits of financial statements are strictly performed in accordance with the guidance provided by International Standards on Auditing (“ISA”) issued by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (“SAICA”)

Our  assurance services include:
– External audit of Interim and Annual  Financial statements.
– Compliance audits
– Performance audits- Audit carried out to determine whether resources have been acquired economically and are used efficiently and effectively
– Internal audits
We have a strong team that is highly experienced in this area.

Audit preparations

We assist government departments, municipalities and other State owned entities prepare for audits

Clear prior year audit queries

Assist Private companies prepare for audits

Reviews of financial statements

– Confirmation of accounting treatments with respect to complex transactions
– Monitoring of prospective accounting and regulatory changes;
– Special-purpose audit engagements; and
– Independent review of externally reported information